Canada's Best 2015 Merlot *** SOLD OUT ***

Canada's Best 2015 Merlot *** SOLD OUT ***

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Canada's Best Merlot at the Canadian National Wine Awards in 2018....

           Giant Head Estate Winery's 2015 Merlot

So who made Canada’s Best Merlot?  

My super amazing partner Jinny - visualized, designed and built the vineyard and the winery, from scratch! She has the gift of Jacheongbi.

Tom DiBello - winemaker

Joe - Labels and vineyard installation help with the trellis system when he was in highschool

Jess - Marketing and Sales, vineyard work, winery work, lab work when she could be spending her precious time focusing on her own talents, dreams and ambitions

Jeff & Tim - provided cuttings from their Naramata vineyards 

Dozens of local Summerland high school students helped propagate the cuttings into small vines

Carlos - steps up  to maintain the irrigation system every time we have an issue 

Phillipe and Krimo - provided barrels.

Alan at Scott Labs - patient and kind advice

Nik - Owl Labs for always being there for us.

If I have forgotten you.....please send me a text!