CV Chardonnay 2017

CV Chardonnay 2017

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Release Date: March 25th, 2020

We are so pleased to share a bright, fresh some-what flinty Chardonnay with the tropical fruit and citrus backbone we expect from the Canyonview vineyard. Note, however, that this 2017 vintage does differ from the heavier, richer 2016 vintage.

Winter started early in 2017 and we had freezing temperatures, including snow and ice in the first few days of November.  

For the 2017 vintage, we utilized two harvest dates, October 12 & October 16, gathering 2 tons of perfect fruit each time with the intent of getting some nice acids on the first pick and some excellent flavors on the second pick. 

The berries were destemmed and pressed without crushing. The resulting juice settled and within a week, the fermentions had started in a number of stainless steel tanks.

Within a couple of weeks of harvest,  the fermenting juice was moved to barrels (around 17Bx). Healthy lees was added to all barrels, some received more than others. 10 French oak barrels were used and 30% of these were new.  

Within a month of harvest, the wine in the barrels was dry (fermentation completed) and the new vintage of Chardonnay was mostly left alone for the next 10 months. 

The exceptions: barrels were topped every 6 weeks in winter, monthly starting in spring. 

Battonage was used infrequently during fermentation, only when there was a concern, however, all barrels were stirred in the spring, unless the barrel was already somewhat leesy.